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Hindsight or Insight?

How Cognitive Solutions Are Transforming HR

Do we really need a digital

solution to HR?

“Digital is the main reason just over half of the companies on the Fortune 500 have disappeared from the list since the year 2000.”

Companies than won or lost over the last 10-15 years did so through their ability (or inability) to stay relevant, Duke explains. But what about today? What is beyond the digital era, and how can you make sure your business is ready for the new opportunities?

Why HR matters to the CEO

Simply put: employees matter, and culture drives performance. 85% of CEOs say their culture isn’t where they want it, and 95% of ‘Market Leading’ CEOs say they require different skills to compete. Companies who invest in employee experience are four times more profitable than those who do not.
So what are the drivers for profit, skills and a culture of performance? If we take a moment to look at the market dynamics, certain patterns become apparent:

  • Evolving people demands
    Candidates and employees expect a highly personal, social, digital and mobile experience from employers that rivals their everyday consumer experiences
  • Market disruption
    Market pressures and new technologies are constantly changing. These disruptions require a more flexible and high performing workforce to fuel business growth
  • Massive data overload
    Information continues to expand exponentially. The ability to access it and make sense of it all remains a challenge and is crucial in business decisions

So what does this mean for HR? Firstly, there is a need to revise strategies for attracting, retaining and managing talent by creating ‘irresistible’ employee experiences. Secondly, enabling employee development will build leaders who can manage dynamic employment models to foster growth. Thirdly, optimising HR influence in the board room to demonstrate a competitive advantage. Unmatched data insights can drive fact-based decisions for tangible ROI to the business.

The journey to cognitive

But what is a cognitive HR solution, and how does it work? First, it must be made clear that cognitive solutions are in no way intended to replace human expertise. Instead, they are designed to augment and aid the human element – complementing the areas that people are best at with additional skillsets.

People and machines excel in different ways. For example, people excel at common sense, morals, imagination, compassion, abstraction, dilemmas, dreaming and generalization. Cognitive systems, on the other hand, have a different mode of operation, focusing on locating knowledge, identifying patterns, natural language, machine learning, bias elimination and endless capacity.

How HR executives see

Cognitive HR solutions

Cognitive capabilities can transform talent acquisition through intelligent recruiting, simplify complex processes in HR back office operations, and fortify existing talent with personalised learning and career development. When questioned about their understanding of cognitive HR solutions, HR executives responded in the following ways:

  • 0%

46% of HR execs believe cognitive technology will transform their talent acquisition capability

  • 0%

42% believe cognitive will bring substantial operational efficiencies to Talent Acquisition

  • 0%

49% of HR leaders believe cognitive will transform their payroll and benefits administration

  • 0%

39% report that HR processes are overly complex and will benefit from cognitive

  • 0%

48% of HR execs report employee skill issues due to the digital transformation

  • 0%

40% believe cognitive technology is well suited to address the digital skill gap

Talent Management

transformed with IBM Watson

IBM’s cognitive HR solutions use the power of Watson to expand human expertise and judgment with cognitive systems, enabling HR to improve and accelerate people’s impact on the business.

Watson can help with:

  • Talent Acquisition: Find and hire the right talent for your evolving business
  • IBM Watson Recruitment: Learns from internal and external data sources to attract the best candidate
  • Development and engagement: Deploy modern methods to engage and develop your talent
  • Personalized Learning: Facilitate the development of new learning content and personalise the learning experience
  • Cognitive content collator: Facilitie the development of learning content, reducing time and costs
  • IBM Watson Career Coach: Recommend career paths tailored for individual goals, desires and skills

HR Operations

and Analytics

  • Watson Agent Assist for HR: equips Tier 1 HR advisors to quickly answer employee questions and easily provide related documents and insights
  • Watson Talent Insights: Predicts drivers to help with talent questions across topics to address critical business
  • Cognitive Payroll & Tax Compliance Advisor: Provides insights on payroll tax changes and equips payroll managers to update payroll records accordingly

IBM Watson Recruitment:

in action

Utilising the best of IBM, we have designed a proprietary analytics dashboard utilising cognitive technology. This suite provides our recruiters with real-time data, translating into productivity improvements and in turn better outcomes.

  • Data can be captured and understood from any channel (internal or external)
  • Any scale of data can be analysed and manipulated with immediacy
  • And, we don’t need to be a data scientist to find answers; we can ask questions in natural human language and our question and intent will be fully understood.

This enables us to outthink real challenges:

  • Market: Gain insights on skills availability, define sourcing strategies and predict / mitigate talent challenges proactively.
  • Competitors Define threats and opportunities to outperform your competition with targeted real-time intelligence
  • Talent Acquisition: Expedite time to hire and time to productivity with dynamic recruitment strategy refinement.
  • Data can be captured and understood from any channel (internal or external)
  • Any scale of data can be analysed and manipulated with immediacy
  • And, we don’t need to be a data scientist to find answers; we can ask questions in natural human language and our question and intent will be fully understood.

Further Informaton

Please view our infographic, video, workshop and website on how we can help you on your cognitive HR journey.






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The workshop is:

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  • Focused on a collection of products for various business types.

The Smarter Workforce workshop curriculum has three primary components:

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  2. Education. We will share our views on the future of Human Capital Management (HCM) and the key trends shaping it, based on insights from the IBM Institute for Business Value, CEO Study, and the IBM Smarter Workforce Institute. We will also review the philosophy behind the Smarter Workforce, what it means to IBM, and the practices which we feel are essential to success.
  3. Recommendation. Following our discussion, Intec and IBM solutions architects will deliver recommendations targeted to your needs and help you identify first actions designed to yield the best results for your business.

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